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Welcome to Miracle Health Agency, LLC

Miracle Health Agency’s destination is excellence in service, and this goal can only be attained through exceptional people who put client’s need first. Our employees are the link between excellence in service and the loyal, satisfied client. Our goal is to focus on the client and realize that without them, we would not be here. We want our clients to be our “marketing department” and tell other client about the great service at Miracle Health Agency.

Our Client First Program Consist Of Six Steps

Client Loyalty – This is the foundation on which everything builds. We identify the competition; how perception can impact the service we provide; base, expected, and excellent level of service; our business service standards and service essentials, as well as our service promise to our clients and operating principles.

Presenting ourselves positively – This will aid us in identifying our client’s moment of truth; help us make a positive first impression and establish rapport with the client; and identify ways to create a positive image.

Professional Communication – We explore the roles and rules of communication; identifying discounting behaviors; discuss the different communication styles and their impact on the communication process, as well as identify our favored communication style, recognize the importance of identifying other people’s communication styles, and be able to determine whether communication was effective.

Listen to Understand – We identify our strengths and opportunities as a listener; learn about active and conditional listening; determine ways to overcome the barriers to effective listening; utilize the four listening with empathy skills; and replaying the client’s message.

Effective use of Questions – We use solid questioning techniques; explore the use of open-ended, closed, fact-finding, and feeling-finding questions; learn about proper voice tone when framing questions; and overcome client’s objects and move to an agreeable solution.

Handling Challenging Situations – We identify how to find the true, underlying issue; discuss the roles we play in every interaction with a client; use HEAT technique to overcome negative impressions and respond to uncomfortable clients; identify hooks extended by the client; and learn techniques to help manage stress.

We asked Miracle Health Agency employees from across our many functions and at all levels of experience to help us think through what it mean for us all at MHA to live up to our promise to our clients. In their words, here are the key behaviors that we should be able to expect of each other – every day.

Listen Carefully, Anticipate Needs and Deliver the Solution that Works.

Refer A Client
Refer A Client

Do you have anyone to refer to us?  You can recommend our health services to your friends or family.  We also accept referrals from hospitals, nursing homes, social workers and health care professionals.

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